The Heroine’s Journey of Ester Chilese

The best thing about my job is that it can also be challenging but always fun, the effort is always rewarded in the satisfaction and it helps me to grow as a person.
My idea of perfect happiness is being in communion with what surrounds me, to feel as a unit and part of the whole.
My greatest fear is that one day the mad spirit that inhabits me can leave for other shores and leave me alone with my ego.
The trait that I deplore most in my character is the indiscipline, the total anarchy in the management of time and resources.
I could not choose an extravagance among the many with which I play, I do not think I can draw up a list and choose the greatest.
Usually I lie in interviews, obviously not in this. I lie when I’m unconscious.
I’m not interested in the role models and I try to stay away so as not to influence me. Instead I am interested in the views and the works of the people.
The thing I dislike most in my work is chasing my payments and not having schedules.
I am the happiest in my work here and now. I love the projects I’m working on and I hope that the future will be rich of projects of this kind.
If I could, and maybe I can, I would change discipline and laziness.
My biggest success in the work is to be independent and autonomous, each day.
My most inspirational location in my city is Viale Roma in Campo Marzo.
My favorite place to eat in my city is a Japanese restaurant, but if it comes to drinking I prefer small inns or bar always full of funny and drunk people.
I haven’t met my partner in crime yet, my biggest fan. He / she will come soon, I hope.
In the future I would like to work with visionary artists, writers and directors.
In the nearby future I would like to work in an art project that could bring me in a very different place from the one where I use to live.
You can contact me by writing me an email:, or by visiting the page.

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