The Heroine’s Journey of Alexandra del Bene

The thing that I most love about my work is the possibility to literally paint the walls of a city. Through my clients I can create art which integrates perfectly into the landscape, forming a proper outside gallery.

To realise the promise I gave my daughter when she was born to create a better world, which I’m in part doing through my art, by painting the city where we lived.

My biggest fear is the superficiality of human beings, because superficiality comes from stupid people, and stupid people does stupid things, which most of the times are the most dangerous ones. And that’s what scares me.

The thing that I less like about myself is my lack of diplomacy, I would like to be able to protect myself more elegantly, as I can result more aggressive as a consequence.

To be capable of living where and how I want, doing what I like and enjoying it. I live from what I love and that gives me freedom. I’ve never being afraid of changing continent, language or work, I’ve always counted on my capacities and qualities of adaptation and on the fact that I was positive I would find something to do (or I would invent it!).

I don’t really like to lie as I like to be able to hold my head high, but sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth.

I don’t actually follow a role model, but I do follow desires. But most of all, I work and live by observing what I do NOT want to see in the world, like vandalism. I therefore try to give the example, as there’s no need to do things at night, escaping, but that you can express your art and your messages on a daylight, with people approval, making a career. Being exigent is also a model, as it pushes you to do more and better.

One of the downsides of my work when doing graffitis is all the chemicals that you end up breathing, but also the fact that as the art is all there, outside, in the same way it can be accessed by others for them to enjoy it, it can be accessed by others to ruin it. It can be more vulnerable in a way.

My work gives me lots of satisfactions every time as they’re exits. A graffiti in Calle Calatrava, The Shadows, keeps appearing in some newspapers, it won photography prizes and it also has been mentioned in lectures at university. They never stop giving me satisfactions.

Right now I wouldn’t change anything about me as where I am today is because of how I am. No matter the good or the bad side, all gave me the possibility to achieve what I’ve achieved.

My last biggest success in my work has been a canvas dedicated to Morante de la Puebla, a Spanish toreador, which has been selected by the Exposición Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo, and is the beginning of a sequel.

The most inspiring place in my city, Seville, is actually the city itself. Every corner, so unique and picturesque, is an inspiration. Like Spanish say, “Sevilla tiene un colour especial”.

Well, in my case quality chose quality, and I’ve realised murales for the best bars and restaurants of Seville, making any selection difficult.

The citizens are my biggest fans, and my clients my biggest sponsors. I’ve discovered that when people find out I’m the author of the graffiti, they’re enthusiastic and happy to meet me. I’m honoured people choose me to represent their view and their business.

Soon I will be working with a great artist sculptor, his name is Chiqui Diaz, who will help me en the realization of my first sculpture large with which I will participate in an international art competition.

I am preparing an exhibition of bullfighters and bulls, in parallel with some murals, one of which for “Senovilla” a famous manufacturer of shoes for professional flamenco dancers, which stores in Madrid Seville Los Ángeles y Tokyo and just today the CEI, asked to me to partecipe to the “añomurillo” painting a very big graffiti un Sevilla.

To contact to me by: Instagram: Alexandra Del Bene Facebook: Alexandra del Bene artista Pinterest: Alexandra Del Bene

Message of the founder of The Heroine’s Journey Project Peter de Kuster

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