The Heroine’s Journey of Abby B Siwela

What I love best my work is that it never gets old, my excitement about it does not get old so I never feel like I’m stuck in a rut
My idea of perfect happiness is being at a point where I feel secure,where I feel good enough to take up space without feeling like I don’t deserve it and breathing without having to remind myself,its feeling love in everything I touch ..waking up feeling rested even with only three hours of sleep,
My greatest fear is not being where I am supposed to be when I’m supposed to be there,not being as alive as I should be..its missing out on myself on my life and never being truly happy
I most admire Wilson Ngoni , he is solid but very light ,emotionally and he seems real in the way he does and sees things I would lie if it meant saving someone’s life
What I dislike most about my work is my struggle with advertising and selling it, my struggle with leaving the mark I want to leave
I was happiest when I exhibited some of my paintings for the first time in 2012
What I could change about myself is my habit of hardly ever finishing what I start or losing interest, I would apply the patience and the passion I have when in comes to my work to other things in my life..
I would like to live anywhere where the are a lot of flowers, an ocean and around people who love color, culture and life
My most inspirational location in my city so far has been Sanitas
A thousand splendid suns by khaled hosseini is one of the books that influenced my life , by taking me through other people’s experiences with the manner in which he did, I began to think less about myself ,about my experiences,I felt empathy and,I felt love for other people,I started spending less time inside my head obsessing over my life and started being more aware of other people around me. Dr Caroline leaf’s books also changed my life because after I read them I felt empowered,I felt strong and more confident in my self
My favourite writers are Dr Caroline leaf, Khaled hosseini,Paulo Coelho and Wilson Ngoni
I would want to listen to a mix of Gospel music ,Ingrid Michaelson and A Fine Frenzy on my last day..not in that order
My favourite heroine is my mother
I would recommend to watch the movie Avatar once in your lifetime.
My greatest fan is my mother, she has always believed in me even when I didn’t think much of my self or of my work
In 2018 I would like to work with Elsa Cornelissen,Wilson Ngoni,Ric Holt and Estelle Logie
The words passion never retires make me feel I still have a long time to live my life the way I know I am supposed to,they make me feel I am endless and cannot be spent that there is still a lot more of myself to explore and i feel excited about life right now..
Peter should invite Katlego CL Twala and Itumeleng Motswetla(art by Itumeleng M)
My contacts: Facebook: Abby B Siwela

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