The Heroine’s Journey of Roberta de Berardinis

I’m Roberta, i’m a ballet and contemporary dancer and ballet teacher, I live in Naples (Italy))
The best thing that I love of my job is that everyday is a challange, everyday you recreate yourself by your passion your creativity, everyday is completely different, you can’t annoyng at all
The perfect happinnes for me is do what you love, and love what you do. We have just one life, so we must choose every day to be happy and satisfaied
My big fear is disappoint myself, my soul, and the people who belive in me, during my life I tought to change completely my job, but I can’t do nothing else.
Sometimes I do not believe much in myself and I fear the judgment of others. in my work every day someone judges you and you have to be very strong
There are a lot of people that I admire, dancers, choreographer, director , all the people who work for their dreams , realize their projects and fight for them
I don’t have one extravagance sometimes I love to play with makeup or with some fancy dress for party
Sometimes I lied to others about my fears about my weaknesses, usually I need to be alone with myself
In my job there is a lot competion so is so difficult find a good friend or good collegue, you need to be very smart to understand who is the good one
One of the happiest days in my life was on my first contract in Milano in corps de ballet of teatro alla scala, the first day that I entered in the ballet studio I realized that maybe the dreams come true
I worked everyday for improve myself but sometimes I’m little bit lazy, I need to work on it
I have been in london for two years and I really love it, but Naples is my city where my heart is
the most important treasure that I have are all the incredible experience that I lived with my job
Absolutely my selfcontrol, most of the people that worked with me say that I’m so patient and calm especially in stressful situations
There is a place absolutely magic in my city is a little beach where you can arrive only by the sea, but there you can see the vesuvio in front of you and the ancient palace around you…during the the sunset is just incredible!
In my city , Napoli, there are a lot of places where you can find good food especially pizza, but there is one of them close to the train station, maybe the best one, the name is Michele, and I think is the best pizza restaurant in naples.
There are two books that inspired me so much, “Oceano Mare” by Alessandro Baricco and “Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno” by Italo Calvino, they are completely different but both of them talk about humanity.
I don’t have a favourite writer, I love Calvino, Pavese and Baricco, but also Bukowsky, Allende and Fitzegerald
“Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley, is my favourite song ever, because was the soundtrack of my marriage proposal
My heroes are all the people who fight for right, for change something in this world like Rosa Parks, Rita Levi Montalcini and Frida Khalo.Everyday a lot of woman fight to make the world a better place to live.
Because I’m ballet teacher I love the movie which talks about the power of education and how sometimes one teacher can change your life for ever; do I love “L’attimo Fuggente” ( Dead Poets Society) , “Freedom Writers” and also I love “My name is Sam” , the movie about the love from a father to his doughter.
Art is my life, my passion , my one love.
My partner in crime is my husband, he is a dancer too, we meet in a dance audition and from that day we support each other to realize our dreams, we travelled all over the world togheter, dance togheter and dream together.
I hope one day to work like an assistent director in some Opera or Theatre show
With some choreographer who I worked like Max Volpini, or maybe come back to work in London on cruise ship, who knows!
In 2019 I’ll continue to study at university after the first Master in Teatro pedagogia e didattica , I tried to do the second step for work behinde the scene. And maybe one day became an assistent director
You can watch some video on linkedin to see my work and someone on FB : Roberta de Berardinis
“Passion never retires” means to me the light that illuminates my life that guides me every day
the creative person that I suggest to Peter to contact is my friend and an amazing dancer: Valeria Galluccio
You can contact me by mail:

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