Online Journey: The Power of a Quest

When an individual or organization focuses on making meaningful change in the world, it stokes passion, inspires action, and injects powerful significance into their work. A clear purpose guides people through change and motivates them to lead from wherever they are. Whether you want to find purpose for yourself or your organization, this class will help you articulate and activate your quest story and bring more meaning to your every day.

  • Define your personal or professional quest—what you’re working towards, beyond making a profit.
  • Lead, motivate, and inspire others by rallying around a clear purpose.
  • Craft a lasting quest story.
  • Find true meaning in your work.


Reflect on your personal purpose and discover three professional quest lenses.

  • The Power of a Quest—Getting to a more meaningful why
  • The Power of a Quest—The reason to exist beyond profit
  • Leading With a Quest —The story of Chanel
  • Finding Your Quest: Reflect on your quest, purpose and impact you want to have on people’s lives

Lesson 1: See it

Map out moments of pride and passion in your work to begin zeroing in on your purpose.

  • See It—Spotting purpose in your work
  • See It: When finding your purpose, begin by looking at the past. Don’t merely project into the future or imagine how it might show up. Where has it shown up already?

Lesson 2: Name it

Write a purpose statement that taps into identity and leads to behavioral change.

  • The Chanel Story—What really matters more than social status
  • Quest Story Game—(Sadly) no cash prizes
  • Name It—The poetry in a quest
  • Name It: Generate the inspiration that will bring your purpose statement from the previous activity to life.

Lesson 3: Do it

Discover ways to activate your quest every day at the team and organizational levels.

  • Do It—Living your Quest Story
  • More from Chanel—Quick wins and bold moves
  • Do It: Create a plan to bring your quest story to life through action.


How might you bring more meaning to your work and systems around you?

  • Final Thoughts—A joyful struggle
  • Final Reflection: Reflect on your experience and think about how you might bring more meaning to your work and the systems around you.

Practical Information

Start Date: Any Day You Want

Duration: 3 Weeks

Time: 1 hour/week Online Conversation with Peter de Kuster

Language: English

Price: Euro 499 excluding VAT

Book your place by mailing us at

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