Testdrive Your Story

Testdrive Your Story

Yes, you can try your hand at the business of your dreams without risking your present job or business, your next mortgage payment, or your kid’s future. In Testdrive Your Story  you will discover how meeting your rolemodels and spending a few days working with them – can be the first step toward making that dream come trueRevolutionary and practical, this hands on travel program designed by Peter de Kuster – will help you mesh your working life with your deepest sense of self as you learn how to:

  • Plan a “Testdrive in Your Story” of your own;
  • Build the skills and gather the knowledge you will need to embark on your new profession;
  • Overcome the fear of changing;
  • Turn a layoff or other involuntary change into the opportunity of a lifetime;
  • Design and create a dream business that doesn’t exist …yet;
  • Manage a smooth, safe transition from your present job or profession to your dream business.
  • Minimize financial risk as you embark on your bold new life

Creative people have made a testdrive in their dream profession for centuries and many generations. Talking to or even working with somebody who does the creative work they would love to do or explore. For architects, artists, designers, writers, cooks, actors etcera it is quit normal. Mostly however something you do at the start of your creative career. You can do it any time in your career however. To sharpen the story you tell yourself about you, your work, your business, what you are capable of doing. In meeting a mentor, somebody who has the creative profession of your dreams and makes money with it.

Years ago I started advising creative people who started their profession to testdrive your dream job. Speaking with a heroine or hero who has your dream profession. It can save you years and a lot of money having direct feedback and stories of someone who does what you feel you would love to do. Almost everybody who has made a Testdrive your dream job has come out of it with a more clear story and more determination than ever to make their dream profession come true. They landed exciting projects, started an education or found other ways to further their dream business. After years of fantasizing their meeting with mentors has given them in hours or days the strength to come into action.

Partly this was due to a learning effect – the concrete knowledge they gained about the profession of their dreams. Partly it was the mentor who held their hand, gave their confidence a boost en offered them help. Partly it was the contacts they made, which made the next steps more simple.


But the most important of all, next to these practical matters, was something different. Testdrive your dream job awakened and gave energy to something deep inside of them, a part that once awakened, refused to be ignored. Know that when you consider a dream profession it not only is about how you spend your hours at work. Het is about the connection between your work and the deepest feeling about yourself.  It is about doing what you love, work that energizes you instead of exhausts you, work which has meaning for you.

Twelve reasons for The Heroine’s Journey:  Testdrive Your Story

1.  To make a testdrive before you commit yourself to a profession

2. To find a mentor

3.  To learn about the ins and outs of a profession

4.  To make contacts in a profession or market

5.  To raise your confidence level

6.  To explore a  passion

7.  To satisfy your curiosity about ‘ the road not taken’

8.  To test possible businesses when you don’t know yet what you want

9.  To make an unusual, exciting journey

10. To try out something new and challenge yourself in new ways

11. To create a new story about yourself, your present company, job, lifestyle and future

12. To reconnect with some passion(s) inside of you


Day One.  The Preparation.  You Can Do It –  One Step at a Time. Testdrive Your Story; how does it work; How to deal with fear? How to research your dream profession. Selecting a mentor.

Day Two.  Meeting Your Heroines.  How do you get the most out of your meeting with your rolemodels.

Day Three.  Evaluation of the meeting. What is your story about your dream profession now? Making your Action Plan. When Things Don’t Go According to the Plan.

Join us for a truly transformational vacation for the mind.

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Story teller Peter de Kuster is the founder of The Heroine’s Journey en The Hero’s Journey and an accomplished speaker worldwide. His books and stories about the Hero’s Journey – making money doing what you love – have reached millions of creative professionals worldwide in the last decennium.

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