One Day Trips

About One Day Trips at The Heroine’s Journey

Our classes are at the heart of what we do, and believe in, at The Heroine’s Journey.    Our range of 12 carefully curated day trips address the great challenges of creative professionals, following 4 broad themes: Career, Money, Self Promotion and Time Management.

During the course of any our One Day Trips, you will be challenged to think deeply about the issues that matter most, inspired by stories of creative professionals of past and present who went before you and provided with a space to tell your own story.  Our One Day Trips are designed and taught by Peter de Kuster, and include a mix of travelling a worldcity,  storytelling, conversation and meeting of creative rolemodels.

The journeys last for a day and make for an immersive, sociable and hugely transformative experience.

You can take One Day Trips  individually or combine One Day Trips by topic in our Experiences. Find out more by contacting Peter at