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About The Heroine’s Journey Friends

The Heroine’s Journey is more than just a place of learning; it’s also a home for friendship.

Join our The Heroine’s Journey Friends in order to meet and connect with other passionate, creative, curious, intelligent and fascinating professionals. We host monthly special events for Friends in central venues in Amsterdam around the big themes found in our stories. Your annual membership also gives you access to a range of benefits and discounts. Find out more here.

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The Heroine’s Journey Friends 1 Year Membership

Become a Friend of The Heroine’s Journey

Membership includes publishing and updating your story about you and your work on The Heroine’s Journey online,  the right to invite creative friends of you to publish their story as free publicity, access to our exclusive for friends programme of special events and a 10% discount off masterclasses, experiences, five day journeys and one day trips. (Full list of benefits below). 

Purchase membership for yourself:

To purchase Friends membership for yourself, you need to send us an email at

Purchase membership for a friend or relative:

To purchase Friends membership on behalf of someone else, you send us an email at

We’re sometimes not too sure how we get into good friendships. It seems to happen rather mysteriously: we talk of somewhat randomly ‘clicking’ with people. Trying to plan for it sounds like cheating. But in a busy world, the desire to socialise authentically, with interesting, like-minded people, deserves to be addressed directly.

That’s why we created The Heroine’s Journey Friends scheme. Membership gives you access to a year-long series of special one day events, each one anchored around a big idea we’ll discuss over drinks and food. Every month, in a central venue in Amsterdam we come together with other members of the diverse and bright community of the Heroine’s Journey. At each special event, you’ll be offered a conversation menu and systematically (and entertainingly) introduced to everyone else in the room. If you enjoy your work, you will find kindred spirits. The special one day events are guaranteed to be stimulating and reassuring – as well as prompts to genuine connection and insight.

The Programme Includes

  • The right to publish your story about you and your work on The Heroine’s Journey website and to update your story up to four times each year with news about your new products, services or events.
  • The right to upgrade your story on The Heroine’s Journey website with professional pictures of your photographers (we will need their written permission and mention their names with their pictures).
  • The right to invite up to 25 creative professionals to publish their story as free publicity on the Heroine’s Journey website
  • The right to offer your services on The Heroine’s Journey website to be a paid mentor for creative professionals who want to make a Testdrive in your Dreamjob. You determine your availability and hourly tariff which are published in your story.
  • A free two hour What is Your Story? telephone or skype session with Peter de Kuster, worth Euro 495 excluding VAT
  • 10% discount on all core masterclasses, one-day trips, five day journeys, experiences (excluding conferences and festivals)

The programme lasts for one year, after which you will be asked if you’d like to renew your subscription.

Friends’ Special Events topics

Over the course of the year, our special events cover the following topics:

September: Self Promotion for Creative Professionals
October: Testdrive your Dreamjob
November: The Power of Your Story
December: What is Your Story?
January: They Created Happily Ever After
February: The Power of Your Passion
March: Time Management for Creative Professionals
April: Money Management for Creative Professionals
May: Career Management for Creative Professionals
June: Passion Never Retires
July: Storytelling for Creative Professionals
August: Your Clients Story