The Heroine’s Story

Creativity and innovation are like muscles – the more we use them, the stronger they get. As kids we were all creative, but over time, so many of us were discouraged in our creative endeavours and eventually focused our energies on more traditional pursuits. In the Heroine’s Journey project I will remind you that creativity is a story, a storytelling mind-set a  way of thinking and a proactive approach to find new solutions.

We may not all be artists, but we can more creative professionals. Drawing on stories of heroes of past and present, this project hopefully gives you the courage to make a difference in your career, your company and the world around us.

The Story of Innovation 

When you hear the word ‘creativity’, what do you think of next?  If you are like many people, your mind immediately leaps to artistic endeavors like sculpture, drawing, music, film or dance.  You may equate ‘creative’ with ‘artistic’.   You may believe that architects and designers are paid to be creative thinkers, but CEO’s, entrepreneurs and innovators are not.  Or you may feel that being creative is a feixed trait, like having brown eyes – either you’re born with creative genes, or you’re not.

As business storyteller who has worked for thirty years at the forefront of innovation, i have come to see this set of misconceptions as ‘the creativity myth’.  It is a myth that far too many people share. This seminar is about the opposite of that myth. It is about what I call The Heroine’s Confidence. And its foundation is the belief that we are all creative.

The truth is, we all have far more creative potential waiting to be tapped.  I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs bring breakthrough ideas to market. And i have also seen that our storytelling tools can produce a new creative mindset in people that can dramatically enhence teir lives, whether they work in the fields of design, education or finance.

Practical Info

The price of this 24 hours storytelling seminar is Euro 2850 excluding VAT per person

When you want to attend with 2 or more people there are special prices.

You can reach Peter for questions about dates and the program by mailing him at 


09.00    Tea & Coffee on arrival

10.00     Morning Session

13.00     Lunch Break

14.00     Afternoon Session

18.00     Diner Break

19.30     Evening Session

21.00     Drinks

About Peter de Kuster

Peter de Kuster is the founder of The Heroine’ s Journey & The Hero’s  Journey


Peter is founder of the Heroine’s Journey and Hero’s Journey project where worldwide thousands of professionals shared their story of making money doing what you love. He wrote 50+ books. Peter has an MBA in Marketing,  MBA in Financial Economics and graduated at university in Sociology and Communication Sciences.

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