Your Heroine’s Journey

An online tool to assess, guide, and track your heroine’s journey

Your Heroine’s Journey

Your Heroine’s Journey assesses your story about yourself and your creative business by means of  ”The Heroine’s Journey” questionnaire.  Then, it provides a clear breakdown of what part of your story will bring you to where you want to go and what parts of your story need to be rewritten.

Customized Focus Areas

Answers in your questionnaire are telling, but they don’t dive deep enough. We help you to go from assessment to action by breaking down your story about yourself and your creative business top strengths and areas for improvement into bite-sized, digestible statements to help you understand your story and what you might do to improve.

Role Model Stories

Want to address a focus area in the story you tell yourself about yourself and your creative business but don’t know where to start? Each focus area comes with custom stories and role models to help you understand how other creative professionals in your profession have succeeded at building the relevant stories, behaviors and capabilities.

Next Step Action Items

Along with each focus area are sets of possible action items to spark action. The ‘What is Your Story’ overview allows you to choose for action items you like or even add your own.

Your New Story Feedback

Get a sense of how your friends and clients see the story you tell about yourself  — whether it tends to inspire or drain. Publishing your new Story at The Heroine’s Journey and receiving feedback can be telling in determining where to focus your efforts.

Story Typology

The Heroine’s Journey has worked with thousands of creative professionals, and we’ve found that six fundamentally different creative types with their story have emerged. None are fundamentally good or bad, but each come with common challenges, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses.

View Your Story results

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Your Heroine’s Journey creative professionals in every stage of their life and business. Whether you’re a starter or a seasoned professional,  Your Heroine’s Journey offers insights and actionable focus areas to drive your creative business efforts forward. Get started today or connect with us to discuss our offering.

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