Your Story, Your Book

Thank you for your interest in my story coaching services. Whether you have an idea rumbling around in your soul, an outline of a story, or a completed draft to a manuscript, I can help you get to your next step.

I offer a wide variety of options to fit emerging, developing, and established writers who are eager to craft engaging stories and build their skills so they can successfully write with confidence, joy, and rumbling creativity.

Personalized Story Coaching

My one-on-one coaching program is customized to you, and I handcraft my training based on your progress, experience, goals, and natural writing forces.

Each lesson will follow directly from your response, so there are no gaps to fill, no guesswork on your end, no mysterious loopholes or loose ends. The personalized lessons will help you stay on track, keep you motivated and loving your story, and help you learn how to identify ideas that can propel a story forward and thoroughly engage your readers.

A typical one-on-one coaching program looks like this:

  • Regularly scheduled lessons designed to guide you through the Discovery and Construction stages of writing a story. Lessons will be written to help you with your specific story based on your natural writing forces. These are not cookie-cutter lessons that could apply to any writer or any story.
  • Regular email check-ins (you can set this up in whatever schedule feels right for you).
  • Free access to a private mailadress where you can ask questions, post excerpts or ideas, participate in writing challenges, and timed writing sessions.
  • A complete guide on story structure and character development that is personalized to your specific story. No blanket, generalized instruction here. Everything will be tailored to your premise, characters, conflict, and plot.
  • One in-person meeting per month via skype or another face to face service to have an engaged dialogue about your writing process. More meetings are optional and will be charged separately.

Rates are project based. Please book a complimentary call to learn more about the program that’s right for you.

Agatha Christie, surrounded by some of her 80-plus crime novels.

Writing Strategy Sessions

For those writers who want the coaching support but want the freedom to explore storycrafting on their own time and at their own pace, I offer writing strategy sessions.

Sessions are booked individually or in packages.

The initial strategy session is 60-90 minutes and involves a complete run-through of the writer’s natural writing forces, goals, and vision for the project in question. Together we come up with a strategy to help the writer in the areas where they struggle such as time management, focus, confidence, brainstorming, or writing process—just to name a few.

–> The initial session is required of all new clients or current clients with new projects.

Each subsequent strategy session is 45-60 minutes long, and booked by the writer on an as-needed basis. The strategy sessions can be booked in a single visit or through a customized package.

Single strategy sessions – $147 for the initial consult; $127 per follow-up session.

3-pack strategy sessions (a package of three sessions booked by the client at any point throughout a 3-month window) – $357 plus the initial consult.

Start Your Writing Journey Today

My online courses “The Writers Journey” and “The Heroine’s 2 Journey”  on the Heroine’s Journey platform will help you become a writer with confidence, joy, and a little bit of ferocity. Once you learn the fundamentals to embarking on your personal writing journey, you will be able to manage your time, find story ideas and turn them into story concepts, network with like-minded individuals, be more productive, and hone your skills to better and stronger writing.

Learning the fundamentals of a writing journey is empowering.  I want to help you harness that power by offering advice, tools, and ideas that you can mix and match and modify to implement practices that will work best for you and your writing journey.

Note: This course is open-ended so you may complete it at your own pace, review, and repeat at any time. Please use my suggestions in this course as a starting point, to inspire you, but modify and personalize them to fit your specific needs and goals. Lifetime access, including any updates, something I do once a year to keep the course fresh and relevant.

Read more about my amazing course here: Start Your Writing Journey Today

The Heroine’s Confidence 

This online course (also free on the Heroine’s Journey platform) will help you take back control of your writing so that you can move forward with your story ideas.

Check out the course now here: The Heroine’s Confidence

Here is a list of other ways I can help you with your story:

FREE storytelling,  writing tips & coaching in my The Heroine’s Journey blog

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Live, in-person seminars in several world cities:  London, Antwerp, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Sevilla, Milan, München, Amsterdam, New York, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Lisbon.  Email me for the schedule.

The Writers Journey handbooks to help you kick your writing dream into reality.

Personalized coaching—sessions, assessments, and packages designed specifically to your needs!

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