The Heroine’s Journey of Sarah Coey

What is the best thing I love about my work? I love hearing that my artwork has brought happiness or hope or joy to someone. I receive messages sometimes which detail that there is a piece they saw online which just spoke to them and made them feel light and happy. The artwork isn’t always purchased by this person, but they reach out to say that it moved them, gave them hope, lifted their spirits and how much the piece means to them because of that and I think that is so magical to know. What a wonderful thing to be able to do! 

What is my idea of happiness? I believe happiness is found in contentment and gratitude. In a consumer world, we are taught that we can only one happy if we have X,Y and Z and I think this is wrong. I believe happiness is found in the simplicity of everyday life and in the gratitude and thankfulness for what we do have, rather than what we do not. I like to try to focus my sources of happiness in the contentment of what I already have; family, friends, health and food on my table 

What is my greatest fear? Being misunderstood for something that I have not done. So much unhappiness can be caused by a simple misunderstanding and I would hate to think that it came from something that was as simple as a situation that could have easily been remedied 

A trait I deplore in myself? I am a big procrastinator. I tell myself every time that I will do the task, but I often put it off until the last minute 

A living person in my profession I most admire? Oh there are so many amazing artists! I love Callen Schaub for his ingenuity and use of paint in new ways, I admire Tahlia Stanton for her mixed media techniques, I admire Amira Rahim for her use of colour 

My greatest extravagance: I’m not a particularly extravagant person – I try to live within my means and look after what I have. However, I do love shoes and they are probably my biggest weakness in terms of purchases that are not reallllly necessary 

On what occasion would I lie? To save someones feelings. I think there is power in truth but uncertain situations we know its better to salve someones feelings that hurt them with the truth 

The thing I dislike most in my work. I often find I am drawn to the same colour combinations over a period of time and I don’t like think ing all the pieces look “samey” 

When and where was I happiest in my work? I think its right now! I love where my work is and what im doing 

If I could what would I change about myself I am very hard on myself; a perfectionist to the core and I find i am often very inflexible with tasks I have set myself. I am working on changing that but its hard

Where would I most like to live? A by the seaside! I used to live beside the sea as a child and loved it. One day I will own a house by the sea

My most treasured possession? Photos. I adore photos! Especially of my children 

My most marked characteristic? My curly hair!

Fave places to eat and drink locally? We have a farm shop that is two minutes from my house and I love it! Its got beautiful views of the hills and has amazing food 

What books influenced my life? Harry Potter; the books began publishing when I was 7 and ended when I was 18 so it literally bookmarked by childhood. I used to stay up all night with the new books and read them cover to cover 

Music I would listen to on my last day: I think music I like depends on my mood. I would like to choose something uplifting! 

Hero in fiction: Hermione in Harry Potter. She was the first character that I identified with so hard! She was bookish, smart, loved school.. a swot basically. And previously all characters I had read that were like this, like me as a child, were annoying, whiny, bullied, laughed at. The characters were used as a punch line in jokes and it was so refreshing, wonderful seeing this character that I identified with so much being smart AND a good person. It was really refreshing 

Movie I recommend: Any of the Lord of the Rings franchise; pure switch off and relax tv 

You are the storyteller of your own life: This to me means that we should orchestrate our own destiny. That our goals, dreams and aspirations are manifested by us. Things do not just blindly happen – we can create positive change – and if the storyline we are in is not one we are enjoying.. we have the power to write the next chapter as something completely different 

My greatest fan My husband. He champions all my hare brained ideas and supports me 

What projects am I looking forward to working on? 2021 has been a strange year, as was 2020. In 2020 we had the pandemic and then this year I have been on maternity leave the majority of it. Next year my aim is to simply paint as much as I can. The past two years I have done less than I had imagined I would and I look forward to having the time to create again 

Where can you see my work in 2022? No gallery exhibitions planned (although that would be amazing!) so at present it would be on my website, Instagram, TikTok and via purchasing! 🙂  

Passion never retires: To me this means that our passion is an ever evolving and growing thing. I do not think it needs to be passion about one aspect. Of something eg drawing, reading etc. Passion is the excitement and zest for life! And our focussed passions can alter as we grow as people. Right now I love cooking and exercise – something I was not that interested in 10 years ago. Now I relish exercising and the endorphins I get from it and I love trying new recipes. Passion never retires; it simply evolves as we do 

There is a fellow artist I love Kimberely Eddy. She is a Canadian ocean artist and her views and passion for the Ocean are wonderful! I think she would be an amazing candidate. She is a close friend of mine and I think she would have some wonderful and insightful views to share in response to your questions 

How to contact me: 
A: EMAIL; or via instagram and my website:

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