Workshops are an effective method for individual entrepreneurs and companies to maximize the transfer of knowledge of Peter de Kuster’s body of storytelling insights and begin exploring the application of these ideas to their specific circumstances.

By discovering your specific storytelling goals we’ll work with you to discover which of our workshops fit best to create the best experience for each of your customers.

Choose the Workshop Your Company Needs

Lasting anywhere from a half-day to two full days, these interactive storytelling workshops provide a baseline of knowledge, establish a common vocabulary for project teams to build upon, and generate actionable ideas for each and every client.

We work together to pick the area of our storytelling content that will be most effective for your team, your business, and your customers. Whether it is The Heroine’s Journey, Passion Never Retires,  The Power of your Story,  Mass Customized Story Questing, Story design, Selling with Stories,  Your Clients Story,  Digital Storytelling or creative storytelling techniques our workshops tailor to your goals.

Workshops Geared Toward Your Needs

Peter de Kuster workshops are highly flexible, incorporating a dynamic mixture of predetermined lessons, situational discussion, and creative exploration encouraging small group and individual learning. Using proven storytelling methods, these workshops are designed to encourage new thoughts and ideas for your business and find the best ways to put those ideas into practice.

Through group interaction and learning you’ll examine the applications of our lessons that best suits your project or businesses individual needs to continue thriving long after the workshop ends. Experiential and involved learning, create the environment for you to explore new ideas and employ new storytelling practices to improve your business.

Create actionable change with a specifically designed private workshop for you and your team, and find new ways of doing business by applying the ideas and lessons learned from Peter de Kuster.

Other Private Tours as well as Private Group Tours may be a better fit if a workshop isn’t for you.

Mail Peter at let’s get started on changing the ways you do your business storytelling.