The Heroine’s Journey of Eléa Clair

  • What is the best thing that I love about my work? The creative process of taking a story and bringing it to life through a character or mise en scène. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing people laugh, think or reflect on our crazy world thanks to something you’ve created.
  • What is my idea of happiness? Drinking a caipirinha.
  • What is my greatest fear? Death is overrated, so I’ll say having regrets of not trying.
  • What is the trait that I most deplore in myself? I’m a control freak, which can be a good thing but also a bad thing depending on with whom you interact!
  • Which living persons in my profession do I most admire? I admire people who try to tell original and different stories from what we’re used to watching or reading. Brit Marling is a great example.
  • What is my greatest extravagance? Wow…I wish I could say: booking a ticket to go to Bali overnight and just staying there forever, admiring the rice fields and doing yoga to the sound of the Balinese bells. I guess I need to put that on my to-do list.
  • On what occasion would I lie? I lie all the time, I’m an actress and a filmmaker. That’s what we do. I could be lying about this whole interview! But in ‘real life,’ I’d say I’d lie to save someone from being hurt.
  • What is the thing that I dislike the most in my work? Rejection is the hardest part of our job. You have to learn to take ‘no’ as a ‘not yet’ which is easy to say, harder to do.
  • When and where was I the happiest, in my work? Anytime I’m on set, in front or behind the camera.
  • If I could, what would I change about myself? Nothing, my flaws are annoying but help me grow.
  • What is my greatest achievement in work? Directing the whole season of a show. It’s a comedy called Check, Please!, which I directed in New York, and it’s now available online. Go check it out!
  • Where would I most like to live? In a banyan tree.
  • What is my most treasured possession? My daughter, but is she mine?
  • What is my most marked characteristic? Perfectionist.
  • What is my most inspirational location, in my city? Dumbo in Brooklyn, mostly because I get to eat one of the best chocolate chip cookies (from Jacques Torres) with the view of the river and Manhattan.
  • What is my favorite place to eat and drink, in my city? I love Beco to have one of the best feijoadas I’ve ever tasted, Der Pioneer to have a fresh cranberry tea or a tasty hot chocolate, depending on the weather obviously.
  • What books influenced my life and how? La nuit des temps de Barjavel because that’s where my name comes from and the novel is so cinematographic. I’ve always imagined myself playing Eléa.
  • You Only Die Once. What music would I listen to on my last day? Depends on when I would die. If I were to die now, I’d listen to ‘I follow rivers’ from Likke Li because it reminds me of a
    beautiful memory. If I were to die when I’m 99 during my sleep, I’d do a playlist of all the songs that are linked to memorable moments of my life like the theme of the OA, the mantra Pootaa
    Maataa Kee Aasses, Dance monkey’ from Tones and I.
  • Who is my hero or heroine in fiction? Eléa (see above!)! Ahahaha ;o)
  • Who are my heroes and heroines in real life? My partner. And anyone who fights for what they love, for the planet, for human rights, for making the world a better and safer place for everybody.
  • Which movie would I recommend to see once in a lifetime? La vie est belle.
  • What role do stories play in my life and work? Stories are my life, whether it be living them through different characters or putting them into life through the lenses of a camera.
  • What do the words ‘You are the storyteller of your own life’ mean to me? It means you get to choose if you want to go right or left, forward or backward, up in the air or deep down the ocean.
  • Who is my greatest fan, sponsor, partner in crime? Fan, I’m not sure he is all the time, but partner in crime, definitely John M. Keller.
  • Which people or companies would I like to work with in 2022? Can you get me in touch with people at Netflix like Amanda Barclay or Scott Stuber? I have amazing projects for them!
  • What project, in 2022, am I looking forward to work on? I’m editing a project starring James Ivory, and I’m curious to see where it will go…also eager to know if we’ll do a season 2 of Check, Please! or Cause Toujours!, two great shows that deserve to be watched! I’m also writing a feature film, a film chorale led by five female characters…
  • Where can you see me or my work in 2022? As an actress, you can see me on France 3 starting May 24th in the new season of the show Tandem, playing in sign language the role of Eva. You can also see me online in the show Cause toujours! that I co-wrote with three other
    actress friends. It’s a comedy, it’s short, it’s fresh, it talks about women in our society, it’s
    fun, go check it out!
  • What do the words “Passion Never Retires” mean to me? It means that I will never retire (the government will be happy to read this!), as I’m lucky enough to have my work as my passion.
  • Which creative professionals should Peter invite to tell their story?
    Journalist and writer Arta Ramadani IG @artadamarani
    Novelist and director John M.Keller IG @sixandmidnight
    Stained glass artist Camade IG @camade.artiste
    Portuguese cook Cheila Delgado IG @gudilicious
    Actress and coach Mi Kwan Lock IG @mikwanlock
    Writer, actress, producer and creator of Check, Please! Marine Assaiante
    My fellow ‘Causeuses’ in Cause Toujours! Julia Dorval @julia.dorval, Diane Dassigny
    @ddassigny, Perrine Gilbert @perrinegilbert
  • How can you contact me?
    Through my website:
    Or social media:
    Instagram @eleaclair

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