The Heroine’s Journey of Julie Malecki

What is the best thing that I love about my work? The freedom it gives me. I am production manager in cinema and audiovisual, and I work in the area of well-being. I am independent and I can work from anywhere as well as organize myself as I wish. This freedom makes me enjoy my work more. Thanks to it, working is a great pleasure. I get involved in projects and events that I like, with the team that I like. I am multitask, which allows me to rarele do the same things. It allows not to be bored, to learn regularly, to stay tuned and always evolve. It allows me to be myself daily, to flourish as soon as I get up. Sacrifices had to be made and still have to be made to work in this way and in these environments. Sacrifices of times, money and even relationships But once the machine is runnin, all these sacrifices will be worth it !

Photo credits: Eric Troisgros

What is my idea of happiness ? In my opinion, happiness comes from freedom. No matter what we call "freedom", to be happy, I think you have to feel free. For me, it means pleasant work without oppression. A family and friendly life soothing and in which everyone finds support and love. And a strong personal well-being. Sometimes life brings us ups and downs. There are always obstacles, that’s what makes us stronger. Without these obstacles, we cannot grow or feel good and brave once that we have overcome them. No matter what happens to us in life, I haven’t had, and I still don’t have an easy life. The important thing is to fight for what we want most. To never let go of your goals, your dreams, to evolve. You can be sad for a few days, it’s part of happiness. But we can not give up. Happiness is not a goal, but a path. It’s learning to dance in the rain, and to enjoy the sun. I feel free in my everyday life, in what I do, in who I am. I work and I fight to go even further, for my family, for myself, for nature. That’s happiness. This should be our daily life.

What is my greatest fear ? I don’t know… the greatest fear would be to be afraid of fear itself, because it paralyzes. I have always tried to overcome all my little fears, by action, by reflection. They are not fears like phobias. Besides, I don’t have one. They are rather fears of certain situations, apprehensions, but they are overcome quickly regaining self-confidence. I think what scares me the most in the end is losing that freedom that I was just talking about before. But… when this fear comes, in relation to something that comes to me, I find always a solution to turn this situation to my advantage. At least from my point of view. To feel better. As long as I can continue to walk the path that pleases me, I make sure that I am not afraid of nothing.

What is the trait that I most deplore in myself ? I will say that I am very stubborn. When I have something in mind I follow through. And for some things, it’s not necessarily a good idea so I have to convince myself to stop (a project or something). It’s complicated for me because commitment is very important. When I get into something I want done. But sometimes, you have to postpone it, or stop it altogether. And I see that as a failure. So maybe it just wasn’t the time for me. But I feel guilty for not having been able to go through with it. For other projects, both professional and personal, it’s also a quality because I don’t give up business, but often it is said that someone’s greatest fault is also their greatest quality…

Which living persons in my profession do i most admire ? I like Hermès Garanger. Producer, llama, mom, speaker, author. She has many hats, like me. As much in audiovisual than well-being. I don’t know her personally but I follow her on the networks, I read texts from her. I think we have the same way of working, whether we gives the same freedom. Besides work, she has a daughter, she writes books, she organizes events. It’s not easy to manage everything all the time. Sometimes I’m tired, it’s heavy, we give a lot of self in work and you have to give in personal life. But to see that other people, other women are doing the same thing. That finally we arrive all to manage everything. We are champions! It’s inspiring to see that it’s possible to mix different professional backgrounds, to experience adventures that make us vibrate and do many things at once, despite everything that is said, it’s fun and it’s possible, without doing them halfway, and without forgetting yourself in the middle of it all.

What is my greatest extravagance ? I like to arrive with great fanfare. Let it slap, like in the cap and dagger movies or the movies fantastic when the character arrives through the front door. I like it when people remember me that way, to have importance from the first sight. I started my job, I always had boots and a leather jacket. Clicking heels and piercing gaze. They still talk to me about it. I think that I remained etched in the memory of some thanks to this picture. I see myself a bit like a character in a movie in these cases, someone who has come a long way since but who keeps an image of a moment in his life and who remains in memories. Maybe it’s the slightly weird but funny fantasy that I allow myself, otherwise… I’m just myself then I do not think of being extravagant, or any more than my character!

On what occasion would I lie ? I don’t know… I rarely lie, if at all, I don’t like it… But I often lied to myself. On certain choices that I didn’t dare take right away. On certain behaviors that I didn’t dare to have. Because I didn’t allow myself to be me. Because I thought I was conforming to certain ideas that weren’t mine. So in the end, the biggest lies, I told myself. Since I understood this, I stopped lying to myself and to others as well. Because by not being yourself in the end… you lie to others too.

What is the thing that I dislike the most in my work ? I like my work, my jobs, a lot. If I had to define a few things that I don’t like, I would say… Unforeseen events, or last-minute emergencies. Except… it’s part of the job! But I admit it, it tires me a lot because I plan my days and everything jumps because I have to manage something else for the next day. It does not matter, we reverse the days, we organize ourselves again. But it is very time- consuming because there are certain periods when we are under tension. A bit too much. Like everyone else, in all professions. To avoid suffering it, I try to work my organization differently, to no longer be under tension, or less. Allow me to do everything in the right timing, and be able to manage these emergencies ! That’s work too

When and where was I the happiest, in my work ? It’s my first project as a production manager, with a team of 100 people, the public, a live show, a one shot. I had never done this type of project before. When the curtain has opened, the show has started… we no longer have our hands on anything, our production work is done and we leave room for the artistic team. Everything exploded inside me. I was like “wow…that’s huge. I got there! » I think it gave me a lot of strength for the future. I realized that I was capable of doing whatever I wanted. That I had the skills to manage big projects. That I had the shoulders to realize the rest of my dreams! I often take this project as an example because it really triggered me.

Photo credits: Eric Troisgros

If I could, what would I change about myself? Sometimes I don’t dare. Depending on the situation or the moment, I prevent myself from reacting or acting. Often out of fear of being afraid of the consequences, we come back to the question before. The fact of not daring comes from a lack of self-confidence most of the time. I would like to change that. Be confident, no matter the situations that arise in front of me. Dare, no matter what. Because our lives change through action. You never know what will happen. We don’t necessarily control it. But taking action is a game-changer. I know it, we all know it.

What is my greatest achievement in work? Put launch on my account. I always wanted to work for me. Some say it is very complicated. It’s true. But when we want we can. And, having started my activity as an independent, in the audiovisual sector first, it changed the sequence of events. I knew it was possible. I learned a lot as an entrepreneur too. And I felt legitimate afterwards to start my activity in the well-being sector, in parallel with audiovisual production. When we know the process, when we have already done it, we start again! We take advantage of it. My greatest professional achievement is really that. To have been able to impose my way of working, to have done it, and to live from it, without being constrained. Thanks to that, I gained confidence in myself, in my work, and I was able to do many projects of which I am proud. And new ones are coming… I can’t wait!

Where would I most like to live? In a big house, in the middle of nature, of the forest, with a lake on my land, and my darling, my family, my animals. This place may be in France, where I currently live, or perhaps elsewhere in the world. I do not know. I haven’t traveled, I’m waiting to discover a little more of the world around us, of this magnificent planet. The Earth is so wonderful, its landscapes, its places, its cultures. Maybe I will discover a place that I like elsewhere and that I will have the freedom to settle there. In any case, I need a place in nature. Peaceful nature. Something relaxing, which allows you to disconnect. That’s why I have trouble with the city, we are always soliciting, all the time. It’s tiring to work, live and rest in the city. I can’t do it…

What is my most treasured possession? The respect and love that my education taught me. I think that if everyone had as their main values, love and respect for what surrounds them, the world would be much better off. Respect for people, for the planet, for animals, for work, respect for oneself too. This respect is slowly disappearing. It’s horrible. Without respect we can no longer move forward or evolve. If you look at all the great phases of human evolution, it’s all about people showing respect and love to others. It is important, even essential! And it goes hand in hand with love. Love and respect are for me inseparable. If you love something you have to respect it, otherwise it’s not love. And if we respect something, basically, it’s because we love it. These are values that my mother taught me, that are dear to me, and that I want to pass on. Because it is only thanks to that we can succeed in the long term. And love and respect must also be applied to oneself. To love and respect each other, to feel good.

What is my most marked characteristic? I don’t know… my darling says “my tenacity. When you have something between your teeth, you don’t let go. It’s not false ! When I have something in mind, I want to see it through. Especially when it’s close to my heart, like a personal project or assignment. In the professional as well. I consider that when we commit ourselves somewhere, we have given our word and we must keep it. Lots of people make promises or commit to things they don’t understand or have little interest in. It’s a shame, because behind, there is less love in their actions and less respect for the cause. We return to these values. I only commit to what I can do and keep. Otherwise, I put a time limit and at the end, I weigh the pros and cons, if I continue or not. If it doesn’t suit me, I say stop. I learned to say stop. That’s also important…

What is my most inspirational location, in my city? I would say… the city center, and the nearby forest. The city center because we meet people, full of different profiles. Each has its history, its past, its character. It’s like a movie, you can imagine what’s going on. We can talk to them to offer them our services. Or just say hello or give them a compliment. Many people are surprised when we say hello to them, just passing in the street next to them. But others respond naturally. We feel connected, in harmony. It’s inspiring when you work in environments that have a strong connection with the public. And the forest because it is deep, magical nature. That we can get lost, alone, and find ourselves. Just feel the present moment, the elements around us.

What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? There is a brasserie where you can eat good products. On the terrace or inside, on a rather chic square, next to a park. It’s a chic and relaxed place. Where you can come by being yourself. Well dressed but relaxed. I like this type of place. Not very big, where everyone knows each other. We all smile and laugh together. They often organize events like a concert or karaoke. A friendly moment. For a few years now, this conviviality and this exchange with others have been lacking. So we are happy to find places where we find this atmosphere.

What books influenced my life and how? Many books have influenced my life… I will give a point of honor to fantastic books. To stories made of magic and discoveries. I think of Merlin, Harry Potter etc. I like this theme, this vision of the world. I also really like investigations into the old days, The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas or even a series of books on stories under Louis XIV at Versailles. I like to use certain codes in their ways of expressing themselves, of holding themselves. I find that at the time they were very inspiring by all the “good manners” which they should not fail. They were real men! Well… at least in the stories! And if not, for a few years I have been reading a lot on themes around energies, vibrations, all this invisible world that we no longer know how to understand nowadays. There is so much potential around us, we no longer know how to feel it. These readings also influence me with a view to being attentive to what surrounds me, to feel better, perhaps to heal differently too.

Photo credits: Eric Troisgros

You Only Die Once. What music would I listen on my last day? Take on the World, from You Me At Six. It’s a very meaningful song. Which celebrates the end as much as the beginning. She makes me think of my best friend that I lost, of the relationship I have with my darling, my mother, my best friend or even with myself. It’s a very personal exchange. Like an ode to life. I sing it often, especially in times of mourning or remembrance. I learned it on the piano. It brings up a lot of emotion but when I play it, it also does me a lot of good. I think this song will be the one I want to listen to one last time. May she accompany me, as she accompanies me during my life since I have known her.

Who is my hero or heroine in fiction? Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had in mind a character from a series about vampires, who changed my view of the character of some people, including my own. Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries. At first he is the villain of the story, but we quickly realize his behavior, why. The author develops her emotions, her character, her feelings. Eventually he becomes a hero in his own right. Who braves a lot of demon in him to do so. This character is played by Ian Somerhalder whom I really like, both in his acting and in his personal commitments to the planet. He knew how to give a lot of charm and depth to this character. Also a game of mimicry very specific to him. He is one of the fictional heroes who still inspires me today in everyday life.

Who are my heroes and heroines in real life? I do not know. Inevitably, for me the everyday heroes are my loved ones, my family and friends. They are the heroes, therefore the main characters, of my personal life. But to quote someone I will take a person who inspires a lot of people. Someone famous. For example, take the French singer Amir. He was originally a dentist. He tested the music and since then he’s been a real showman. He bursts out in his professional activity. And his songs speak to a lot of people. He advocates benevolence towards oneself. For me, “normal” people who manage to attract people around them. People who transmit beautiful values, they are the heroes. Because we tend to a better world thanks to them. I hope.

Which movie would i recommend to see once in a lifetime? The Joker, by Todd Phillips with Joaquin Phoenix. This movie was released in 2019. I went to see it at the cinema with my boyfriend at the time, and I took a slap. This film is transcendent. The realization is very well done, both artistically and technically. And Joaquin Phoenix plays so well. This character, his story, is very disturbing. The scenario raises real problems of society, of personality, of personal questioning. It also asks questions about current inequalities, behavior towards certain people and the explanation for certain rebellions. Without saying forgive everything, I think that by putting some things in their place and acknowledging others, general respect might change the future. It’s a tough film but I recommend it, to ask the right questions. To think differently.

What role play stories in my life and work? They inspire me every day! Already my job… is to tell stories. More precisely, to produce the stories of others. So all the stories inspire my work, make it evolve, enrich it. Because what is new requires adaptation. And in my daily life it’s very powerful too. I evolve according to the characters in the story who speak to me, who I appreciate, who I would like to have as friends. I try to take what I consider to be the best in everyone. And for the stories, the facts, they allow me to open my mind. When you see a situation similar to yours in a book or a movie, you often find new solutions to your own problems. And if we do not know this situation, we learn it with the person, by showing empathy. I find that stories are very powerful, you just have to know how to listen to them well and get the best out of them for yourself. It’s enriching to be inspired by others, but it’s like everything, you have to take action afterwards.

What do the words ‘You are the storyteller of your own life’ to me? They all make sense. These words express the fact of writing your own story for me. In this world, this nature, we are all writers of our history, of our life. It’s hard to imagine it, to understand it, but we have almost unlimited power over our reality. Thought creates action. Action creates the future. We decide for ourselves what person we want to be, what life we want to lead. It is not easy to discover it, to know it or even to decide it. But deep down we know that the only person who has power over our lives is us. We will always be the person who will speak best about what has happened to us, and what will happen to us, about who we are. The past is as it is, as it is told. The future may be just as much. “You are the storyteller of your own life”.

Who is my greatest fan, sponsor, partner in crime? I hesitate… between my darling and my best friend… I will say my darling for the big fan side. We inspire each other every day. We help each other, we like what the other does and we want to progress in this direction. I think that in all of our relationships, we have something to contribute. And all our relationships have something to give us. When you find someone you like. With whom we are complementary. With whom we could go to the end of the world. As much in friendship, as in love or otherwise. It doesn’t matter, it’s so good to feel appreciated and to be able to share anything. And on the partner-in-crime side, I would say my best friend. Both of us really do anything, and the other follows each time. We just want to laugh together after all!

Which people or companies would I like to work with? So, I don’t have their direct contacts, it’s a shame: I would say Hermès Garanger because I think I will learn a lot from her. Share with her the production of a program or just participate in one of these conferences. The main thing would be to discuss our profiles. And the way to combine the world of audiovisual and well-being. There is also the artist Emmanuel Moire, who is a complete artist. I really like his universe, his sincerity. I think working with him would be very interesting. Maybe on a next movie…? Besides, he is a very good composer. And for companies, I can mention the production company of the show Dancing with the Stars (TF1 Production and BBC Studios France). I love ballroom dancing, and working on the production of this show would be a big win for me. If only for one season. Then I think about the next projects that we will have. A fantastic film which will arrive in production. I would like to find a production company that will follow us on this project, with a budget that will allow us to go all the way and put the means into communication. I haven’t found the name of the company yet because I don’t have anyone in sight. But this project has a future so… if you read me and are looking for a project to invest in, we can discuss it! Why not a production company other than French itself.

What project am I looking forward to work on? I can’t wait to have the shooting and the final render of the project I just talked about. This fantastic movie. Because I know he can have a bright future. And so I’m going to follow him for a while. I love this type of film so working on it is even better! Otherwise, I prepare other well-being events (yoga, retreat, etc.). I can’t wait to prepare all this, to have a great team to share these events with and to meet the next people who will come. It is a human work, of exchange, of communication with nature. Work on yourself too. We always evolve towards a better version of ourselves as a result of this type of project. And as soon as the budget is a little bigger, I will be able to combine my two activities, production and well-being. And it will be a great personal victory!

Where can you see me or my work? I share quite regularly on social media. Mainly on Instagram and Facebook. @maleckiproduction for audiovisual and @juliesilvayoga for well-being. I also have the websites that I update regularly, and the professional LinkedIn. All links are on the urladdress.

If not to meet me, it will be on a yoga event or on a shoot if you participate in the financing of the project! I also share collaborative pools on my networks so don’t hesitate. For the fantastic film we will share full days with donors. Stay connected!

What do the words "Passion Never Retires" mean to me? Mmh, they inspire me with the love we have for someone or something. If you feel passion for an activity or for a living being, I think it never fades. It can be put aside according to the periods, the events. Someone can change our minds or convince us otherwise. But if you activate it again, the passion will return at a gallop. You just have to allow yourself time to take time for yourself, to breathe. Getting back to basics is also important. And following this personal time, the passions return as on the first day. When we love from the heart, it is for life. Otherwise it’s not a passion, it’s… a hobby.

Which creative professionals should Peter invite to tell their story? In people I know personally, I would say Agnès Malecki. Biologist, naturopath, she has a very strong personal story. She had to get up often to keep going. Today she is preparing her first book. She is a strong mother and wife. Who has always given me courage and who will give it to you too. Also, Amandine Perrin. She is a sports coach, mental and physical trainer. Before she worked in other circles, she may tell you about it. She is a woman of character who discovered life from a shamanic point of view a few years ago. She has a big schedule, loves her job and has values that I really appreciate. Otherwise, for people I don’t know personally: Hermes Garanger. I quote her again but for your mostly female blog, I think this woman has a great story to tell. Christine Lewicki, who has written personal development and coaching books. Same principle, it has a common profile with a professional activity, projects, children, a family. She manages her daily life with discipline and good humour. Its sharing can be very interesting

How can you contact me? Through my website or Also by direct message on social networks. I’m online very often.

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